WWE Still Has Interest In Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick

Broken Matt Hardy

It is being reported by F4WOnline.com that WWE does indeed have interest in using the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick.  Impact Wrestling and Ed Nordholm recently claimed that WWE had no interest in the gimmick when Ed Nordholm released the Matt Hardy contract details. Which was a move that Eric Bischoff claimed was a “Small Ball” move by Ed Nordholm trying to hold on to just a handful of Impact Wrestling fans as their fanbase is extremely small compared to WWE.

Matt Hardy continues to use the “Broken” Matt Hardy mannerisms on WWE TV and Matt Hardy will also be increasing his offense against Impact Wrestling to get full rights of the “Broken” gimmick.  This should be a clear indication that WWE is indeed interested in the gimmick as Broken merchandise would likely be huge at live events and online.

It should also be noted that Reby Hardy went on Twitter stating that Impact Wrestling tried making a sales pitch to WWE for the Broken gimmick, however WWE did not fall for their money grab as it is not 100% that Impact Wrestling owns the gimmick.