The Broken Article (Yessssss)



The Broken Article ( Yessssss)    by Chris Durham

If your like me, you grew up loving The Hardy Boyz. One of the greatest tag teams of all time. The TLC matches with Edge and Christian along with The Dudleyz helped take tag team wrestling to a whole new level. Adding Lita to form Team Extreme was huge for them too. Having a woman who was just as much a daredevil and risk taker as them was absolutely “Delightful” to watch. They even had great singles runs. Jeff won the IC title 4 times. Had runs with the Hardcore, European, WWE and World titles. Matt won the US Title along with the Hardcore, European, Cruiserweight and WWE’s version of the ECW title. Both are also former TNA Heavyweight Champions too.
One stand out moment for me with Jeff during his singles run in WWE was his ladder match with Taker on Raw. To me this was a defining moment for him as a singles competitor. For Matt it was his return in 2005 and his feud with Edge. He was one of the hottest guys at the time. Wish they had done more with him during that period but still made for good TV. Now let’s be honest. We all know Jeff was the more popular Hardy. He was doing all the crazy spots. Had a unique personality that the fans could connect with. Matt to me in WWE showed his most personality with the Version 1 gimmick. His 2005 run he showed more aggression but still failed in comparison to his brother Jeff. Matt was the better mat wrestler (no pun intended) while Jeff was the more exciting of the two with his in ring style.
That all changed in 2016. We get the unexpected debut of The Broken Matt Hardy character. I’m not gonna lie when I first saw it I was like ok this is odd. But then it grew on me. Matt totally reinvented himself and pretty much saved Impact Wrestling. He created this universe at his home aka The Hardy Compound. The Lake of Reincarnation. He spoke with this accent. He made simple words like Delete!, Obsolete, Delightful, Wonderful, Yessss into catchphrases/chants. What I enjoyed the most about this transformation was how he kept it all in the family. Jeff reinvented himself into Brother Nero. His wife Reby Sky along with her father Senior Benjamin and his son King Maxel became house hold names in the process.
Never could I imagine that Matt Hardy could be that entertaining. He was the main reason I watched Impact Wrestling. To see what him and The Broken Family would do next. My only critique would be why didn’t he do this sooner? If he was able to tap into that type of character, I would have loved to have seen it early on in his career. I guess there is a time and place for everything. Now that the Hardy’s are back in WWE wrestling for “Meekmahon” I’d love to see the Broken gimmick on the big stage. It could really be something huge for WWE. From a storyline stand point as well as a merchandise perspective. I got to see the Broken Hardy’s in person back in January. It was a “Wonderful” experience for sure. Can it be successful in WWE? I feel so. The time to act on it is now before it becomes “Obsolete”